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Infrastructure as code (IaC) is used to automate the provisioning and management of enterprise infrastructure. With the help of this course, explore Terraform,AWS CloudFormation to provision and manage enterprise infrastructure using the IaC model. Get started by examining how the IaC model is used to provision infrastructure and learning more about the features of Terraform and/or AWS CloudFormation.


No matter where you are in your career, you’ve likely heard the hype about Terraform, the “infrastructure as code” tool created by HashiCorp. This open-source software has been helping teams manage cloud services for years, becoming the automation tool of choice for many teams. Want to learn more and make the most of Terraform? This is just the right bootcamp for you. You’ll learn the following and more;

– What is terraform, and how to write terraform specs using Hashicorp Configuration Language
– How to working with AWS provider and write resources to provision components such as ec2, vpc
– Working with input and output variables
– How to work with provisioners such as file, remote exec and null resource
– What are backends, and how to configure s3 backend
– Remote state management and locking state with dynamodb and s3
– Work with terraform modules and modules registry


AWS CloudFormation is the best way to write, deploy and maintain your AWS Infrastructure. It helps you create efficient solution architectures, all self-contained in one file. It supports most of the AWS Services and is the safest way to make your AWS Infrastructure evolve over time.

This instructor-led, live training in the US (online or onsite) is aimed at engineers who wish to use AWS CloudFormation to automate the process of managing AWS cloud infrastructure.

By the end of this training, participants will be able to:

– Enable AWS services to get started managing infrastructure.
– Understand and apply the principle of “infrastructure as code”.
– Improve quality and lower the costs of deploying infrastructure.
– Write AWS CloudFormation Templates using YAML

Event Details

Fri 15 Jul 2022 - Fri 19 Aug 2022
17:00 till 19:30
+1 (240)5776933

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