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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

As legacy architectures can no longer cope with the explosive growth of devices, applications, and data, businesses need an IT environment that provides flexibility, scalability, and performance to meet these needs.


Cloud computing has long been the solution to the data and technology challenges companies face, but it’s also brought about its own set of challenges. More specifically, challenges regarding the sheer number of cloud solutions on the market, along with ambiguity in their actual impact on any particular business’s needs.

Tekglobal can help you find solutions with our cloud consulting services. We can help you leverage the right cloud systems and technologies so that your organization can gain productivity, automate processes and workflows, and increase security.

Now is the best time to leverage the power of the cloud.

The capabilities of cloud solutions, from internet of things (IoT) to artificial intelligence (AI), are changing every month. The sooner you make the move, the smaller the upgrade gap and associated costs.

We can help hand-pick the best solutions for you based on your business.

Our cloud consulting services are scalable, so we can help you increase capacity as your business demands increase.

Our cloud consulting process

From analyzing your business needs and providing cloud strategy consulting all the way to employee training, we dedicate to proactively delivering quality service throughout cooperation. Our business analysts work hand in hand with solution architects to make your cloud adoption and usage journey as smooth as possible.


The initial phase, called discovery, consists of business analysis and requirements capture. Our analysts will hold a few sessions with you to discover what you need, what your business and technical challenges are, what values you would like to reach. This phase is critical to further project planning and execution.


On the planning stage, together with you, we formalize architecture design and mockups, access the readiness of your infrastructure. You get a project strategy where you can see how, when, and who will develop your project.

Development and Deployment

We oversee cloud deployment or, if needed, implement your cloud infrastructure, setting up best practices to speed up and even automate the development process


If you already have a cloud environment in place and seek to optimize resource consumption, improve compliance or cut operating costs, we can do that for you, providing cloud infrastructure consulting and optimization.


We will track and optimize cloud resource usage and spend, extend your cloud services portfolio, perform compliance checks, and provide employee trainings to keep your cloud workflows swift, secure, and aligned with your business processes


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